What is Global Coin Research - Deep Dive

What is Global Coin Research (GCR)?

Global Coin Research (GCR) is a community-first research and investment DAO focused on Web3. As a community, GCR sources, conducts due diligence, and commits capital to investment opportunities primarily in the Pre-Seed to Series A stage.

GCR comprises readers, writers, university professors, angels, fund managers and venture capitalists, technologists, and executives in the crypto space. Some notable members include the founders of 1kx, CoinGecko, ETHGlobal, Hashed, IDEO, NEAR, Polygon, Seed Club, and more.

GCR is on a mission to democratize crypto research and investing. Collectively, members of GCR provide diligence and commit personal capital to opportunities ranging from Seed to Late-Stage and support these projects for the long term. Since they first launched, the numbers for GCR have been quite impressive.

GCR has over 7,500 members in Discord, and in 2022 alone, GCR deployed $6M+ of community-sourced capital across 44 deals. The DAO saw over 500 deals during 2022, of which ~43% came directly from the community members. Additionally, the GCR Community has hosted over 100 events, including both virtual and real-life events.

In this report, we will dive deeper into GCR and explore the structure, products, investment deals, and progress in its mission to decentralize crypto research and investing.

Source: @globalcoinrsrch

DAO Structure & $GCR Token

The DAO is structured around $GCR, the native token of the community. By holding a set number of $GCR in your crypto-wallet, community members can enjoy and participate in various events, deals, and resources that the DAO offers. Additionally, the $GCR token allows holders to vote on governance and community decisions, such as types of investments.

In 2022, GCR announced a new initiative, GCR 2.0, to support community members, including introducing new membership tiers. While it’s free to join the GCR Community, you need to buy $GCR to be a “GCR Pioneer”, “GCR Gold”, or “GCR Gold Pro” member if you want more access. Gold Pro membership requires the most $GCR tokens, giving members the most access and resources to the community.

Source: GCR Newsletter

Here is a breakdown of GCR membership perks:

TIER 0 (0 $GCR): Discord "Verified" membership

  • The "Verified role does not require you to hold GCR tokens
  • Members will get access to public GCR events, the weekly newsletter, and participation rights to select GCR campaigns

🔵 TIER 1 (100 $GCR): "Pioneer" membership

  • You must hold this amount in your wallet: 100 $GCR
  • The "Pioneer" role will gain you access to investment calls, GCR virtual and IRL events, governance discussions

🟡 TIER 2 (700 $GCR): "Gold" membership

  • You must hold this amount in your wallet: 700 $GCR
  • The "Gold" role will gain you access to non-guaranteed investment allocation, investment threads, discussions, and the “Investor Call”, participation rights in the GCR Angel Network, governance discussions, discounts to Nansen subscriptions
  • Each member will be able to make proposals to the community
  • Complimentary referrals and the “Birthday Airdrop”

🟠 TIER 3 (2,000 $GCR): "Gold Pro" membership

  • You must hold this amount in your wallet: 2,000 $GCR
  • The "Gold Pro" role will gain you access to guaranteed investment allocation, most exclusive deals and direct participation in calls with founders on a weekly basis, investment threads, discussions, and the “Investor Call”, participation rights in the GCR Angel Network, governance discussions, discounts to Nansen subscriptions, and much more!
  • Each member will be able to make proposals to the community
  • Complimentary referrals and the “Birthday Airdrop”
  • Each member takes a share of 2,000 $GCR per month!

Even for those that join for free, there is still a lot of value that can be found in the community Discord. When accessing Discord, members will have access to specific channels such as the GCR Weekly, which provides a snapshot of all the major events that are happening in crypto and being able to connect with the GCR.Community.

Additionally, community members can earn $GCR tokens by participating in GCR Research Pool - a professional writers program led by the top researching minds at GCR. Here are some details:

  • Join the GCR Research Team, build your brand and exposure and get your research and analyses featured across GCR’s various channels: globalcoinresearch.com, the 30K+ member newsletter, as well as Discord and all GCR’s social media outlets.
  • Make $350 worth of $GCR tokens while working with some of the most thoughtful researchers in GCR!
  • Check out some kickass pieces by GCR’s writers here and here.
  • To learn more, fill out this interest form and GCR will contact you with more information.

Source: GCR’s LinkedIn

Access to some of the written content can be found on the website, and some notable pieces include the GCR Investment Review, which is released quarterly (check out GCR’s Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4 reports here from 2022). The investment reports go in depth about the investments that the DAO has made and provide an extensive report and analysis of the general market.


Since its inception, GCR has developed several products for its community members. Here is a list of some of these products in detail.

GCR Dashboard

In 2022, GCR released the GCR Deal Dashboard, a live dashboard of all the deals that GCR is involved with. The initiative is to keep its members updated on the latest opportunities and deal flow developments.

Note: if you want to get access to the GCR Deal Dashboard and start investing in deals, you do need to be a “GCR Gold” (hold 700 $GCR) or “GCR Gold Pro” member (hold 2,000 $GCR).

GCR Angel Network

The GCR Angel Network was developed as an entirely new branch of GCR to tap into the power of community members to support GCR’s Portfolio Companies and new projects. In return for their contributions, community members may be rewarded a portion of the investment carry (carried interest) in the projects they’ve helped. There are two significant features that the GCR Angel Network provides its Portfolio Companies, “Angel Pods” and “Office Hours”.

  • Angel Pods are contributor pools of GCR members organized by the type of services provided to GCR’s Portfolio Companies. GCR members provide three major pods: Marketing, Recruiting, and Investment DAO.‍

  • Office Hours allow portfolio companies one-on-one 30-minute mentorship sessions with GCR’s Partners who have deep knowledge and expertise in various parts of Web3/Crypto. Some Portfolio Companies already include Gnosis Safe, Lens Protocol, LayerZero, Magic Eden, even SpaceX, and other known names in crypto.

GCR Founder Series

‍The GCR Founder Series is a workshop series for builders by builders. The workshop series can be found on YouTube and contains 20+ videos to this date. These videos are structured in a presentation format that goes into depth about the topic of discussion. You can expect to find insightful videos on deep dives on specific tokens, the creator economy, fundamentals of crypto, and more.

Past Deals

GCR is different from other investment DAOs in the flexibility it offers its members. Unlike most investment DAOs in which members vote with pooled capital and the group goes with the majority decision, holding $GCR tokens allows every member to invest in any single deal they want to participate in.

Since it started, GCR has deployed $41M+ as an investment DAO in 65+ deals. So far, GCR has invested in the following types of deals:

  • Seed round opportunities in the forms of SAFT/SAFE + token warrant/SAFE
  • Mid-stage growth companies
  • Pre-IPO and growth equity investments Industries

Listed below are the industries in which these deals have taken place:

  • Cryptocurrency and Blockchain (i.e. Aurora, Coinvise, Maple Finance, etc.)
  • Biotech (Dutchie, Gilgamesh, etc.)
  • Space travel (SpaceX)
  • AI (Rain AI)

$GCR Token Distribution Facts

(as of 8th of March 2023)

There is only a maximum of 10 million $GCR ever created, with the launch value of each $GCR being backed by the strength of the community.

Below is an allocation of how the token is distributed.

Community Treasury: 70%

70% of $GCR is distributed into the community treasury. According to its website, the community treasury is held in a multisig to be distributed at the community’s choosing.

Here is a list of how 70% of tokens have been distributed within the GCR Community:

  • Past GCR readers from the last four years: 3%
  • GCR Discord group airdrop: 3%
  • Research Pool (past “Media Mining”): 15%
  • Community incentives (partner airdrops, social media campaigns, community writing bounties): 49%

Team: 30%

20% is allocated to the current team and advisors, and another 10% will be allocated to new team members.

It should also be noted that Seed Club will receive a 3% allocation of the community treasury due to GCR being a part of the second social token cohort.

Market Cap: $7,743,148

Fully Diluted Valuation: $7,743,148

Total Supply: 10,000,000

Max Supply: 10,000,000

Wallet Holders on Ethereum (March 8): 696

Wallet Holders on Polygon (March 8): 676

More latest info on: CoinGecko link

Project Information

Key Team

Source: GCR Newsletter

Token Social Media

Coin Type

  • Community/Membership Token


  • Governance – governance token that allows token holders to vote and make proposals in the DAO.

Uniswap V3*: pool link

Quickswap: pool link

*Note: Uniswap V3 liquidity is concentrated between $2 and $10.

  • Access – holders of $GCR have access to exclusive content, resources, and events.

  • Earn – $GCR holders can earn via various initiatives, events, competitions, and airdrops.

Token Blockchain (Ethereum & Polygon)

Project Details


Closing Remarks

GCR DAO is on a mission to democratize crypto research and investing. So far it is doing a tremendous job in crypto by opening up new opportunities for investors and educating its members. In just a few years, the DAO has utilized the power of community to grow remarkably and empower others. The sky is the limit for this DAO, and we are excited to see how it will continue to grow and innovate in the crypto space.

Don’t forget to check out GCR’s 2023 Outlook report.

AMA with GCR’s PM Arthur Zubkoff

Q: How has the DAO changed the lives of some of its members in the DAO?

I think it's a bold question, however, as a DAO, we are proud to offer a unique investment experience that is both democratized and decentralized. Our members have a direct impact on investment decisions and are provided with exclusive access to early-stage opportunities. Additionally, they receive professional educational resources to stay informed on the latest developments in Web3.

At GCR, we believe in a combination of research, community learning, and informed decision-making that hopefully empowers our members to make more informed and confident investments for the future.

Q: How has the DAO changed your life since you joined?

Joining a DAO has been a life-changing experience for me. I traded in my 9-to-5 schedule for a 24/7 work environment and I'm never looking back, haha!

Every day is a new adventure as I learn from some of the most talented individuals in the industry and collaborate with innovative founders. Working in a DAO is like being a part of a bustling beehive, where everyone's efforts and contributions are crucial in shaping a shared vision. The decentralized decision-making process provides a level of autonomy and control and gives every member a voice in guiding the organization.

It's a dynamic and constantly evolving environment that allows for both personal and professional growth.

Q: What’s it like working for GCR? What is a typical day for you?

A typical day involves one cup of black coffee, attending meetings (for new opportunities and partnerships, or internal), keeping up with crypto news (and "GMs"), writing content, and overseeing project and product development at GCR.

Q: How does your DAO help with educating members?

We offer weekly "crypto alpha/news" rollups through GCR Weekly, routine newsletters and professional research publications, as well as educational online and in-person events. If you want to get involved on the research side, check out the GCR Research Pool program.

Q: What type of members does GCR look for to join their community?

We are a community inclusive and open to a wide range of individuals, regardless of your background or experience in the crypto space. GCR is composed of people who are new to crypto and want to learn more about investing and Web3, private crypto investors, researchers, ex-traditional finance and seasoned professionals, venture capitalists/hedge fund managers, and even professors from reputable universities.

GCR is committed to fostering a diverse community and welcomes anyone who is passionate about the crypto industry and wants to learn, share, and contribute to the growth of the community.

Q: What should people expect in 2023 for GCR?

We have so much in store for 2023! From new initiatives to launching a proprietary DApp aimed at improving the current onboarding and investment experience for our members. We are hoping to bring a new level of convenience and accessibility to GCR, making it easier for users to get involved.

Q: How can people get started and join your community?

If you're interested in joining the community, the first step is to head to our Discord at https://gcr.community/. Here you can participate in discussions, access information and resources, and connect with other members.

While there are paid membership tiers available, there is no need to purchase tokens to join and participate in the basic functions of the community. If you do decide to become a member, there are three tiers to choose from, with entry prices of 100 $GCR tokens for "GCR Pioneer", 700 for "GCR Gold", and 2,000 for "GCR Gold Pro". Each tier offers different access and benefits, so be sure to check out our website to learn more.

To stay up to date with our latest news and updates, you can also follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Q: What is a fun fact people wouldn’t know unless they joined GCR

A fun fact that people wouldn't know unless they joined the GCR Community is that it has its own enthusiastic little mascot, named.. Flamey!!


Flamey embodies the passion and excitement that the GCR Team feels about the crypto industry and helps them to identify only the most promising investment opportunities.

Flamey's fiery personality is a testament to the GCR's commitment to staying on the cutting edge of the crypto world and always finding new and exciting ways to get involved. Whether you're a seasoned crypto expert or a newcomer to the space, joining the GCR Community means you'll have access to this wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm, all centered around the exciting world of cryptocurrency.


Q: What are some of the challenges you think people have in joining a DAO, and how does your DAO look to alleviate this issue?

Joining a DAO can be challenging, but GCR has addressed these difficulties by providing a comprehensive onboarding process through Discord's in-built processes and best practices, and GCR's very own "Learning Center". This helps new members understand the functioning of the DAO and its rules, reducing overwhelming feelings and time consumption. Additionally, GCR offers various opportunities for education and support, such as onboarding calls and investor updates, to help members overcome any feelings of imposter syndrome.

GCR welcomes all who want to learn and invest together.

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