The PurpleTrader Show: Eps 5 - Internet Computer Blockchain, NFTS, and the Future of Social Tokens

In this episode, dive a little deeper into the metrics of some social tokens. Also, we interview, William Laurent, an artist, award-winning writer, and cypto/lifestyle journalist. William is also the Editor in Chief at Fastblocks, and a team member at DFinity, which describes itself as a major contributor to the Internet Computer blockchain.

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What Is the Internet of Computer and Is It the End of Ethereum?

The Internet Computer (ICP) is the first public blockchain that can scale the capacity it provides to smart contracts without being bound, allowing it to process and maintain any amount of data required. It can run smart contracts efficiently, approaching traditional software while keeping costs low and predictable. It hosts smart contracts that run at web speed and can serve interactive web content directly to end users without intermediaries, providing for the creation of systems and services that run entirely from a blockchain. Would the success of the Internet of Computer mean the end of Ethereum?

Is DeSo the Future of Social Media or Will It Fail?

DeSo is a new layer-1 blockchain built from the ground up to decentralize social media and scale storage-heavy applications to billions of users. With DeSo, you can create one profile, and take your identity, content, and social graph with you across any app across any chain. Is it the future for social media?

Tips on Making a Creator Coin on DeSo - William Laurent Explains What to Do and Not Do

Wiliam Laurent is an artist, award-winning writer, crypto/lifestyle journalist, Editor in Chief at Fastblocks, and a team member at DFinity. He also has one of the most popular creator coins on DeSo (The Decentralized Social Network). In this video, William gives us tips on what to do and not do when creating a coin on DeSo.

What Are the Challenges in Investing in Social Tokens?

Social tokens are a type of cryptocurrency that allows brands, individuals, and communities to collaborate and share digital ownership. The issuer of the token defines its benefits and uses cases. These benefits and use cases can include exclusive content, community resources, access to events, experiences, rewards, and voting power. Think of social tokens as a membership pass, but on the blockchain.

Yet, despite the benefits, why are there so many challenges in investing in social tokens? William Laurent, a creator with one of the most sought-out creator coins on DeSo (The Decentralized Social Network) explains more.

Closing Remarks

**These videos should not be taken as financial advice but as informative and educational content. Please do your own research.**

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