The PurpleTrader Show: Eps 10 - A Live Interview With Pablo Moncada (Founder of MoonDAO)

Imagine being able to go to the Moon? In this episode of the PurpleTrader Show, we chat with Pablo Moncada, founder of MoonDAO. For those that don't know, MoonDAO is a DAO seeking to decentralize access to space. MoonDAO’s mission is to create a self-sustaining, self-governing settlement on the Moon by 2030 to act as a launch point for humanity to explore the cosmos.

The mission statement of MoonDAO stems from its core values of believing that space access should be available for everyone and not to a select group of CEOs or private entities. MoonDAO seeks to break this barrier by committing resources to funding individuals to go to space and fund future space research and exploration. Additionally, MoonDAO has been putting together a community of builders, scientists, engineers, artists, philosophers, lawyers, and everyday people committed to the mission of MoonDAO.

In our latest interview with Pablo Moncada, we dive deeper into MoonDAO and learn about the current progress and future goals for the company. Whether you're a trader, investor, or someone just interested in space, this interview is not one you want to miss.


Full Episode

Watch the full episode down below.

What is MoonDAO?

Here is a shorter video that gives a good breakdown on what MoonDAO is.

Closing Remarks

**These videos should not be taken as financial advice but as informative and educational content. Please do your own research.**

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