The PurpleTrader Show Eps 2 - How Can Artists Get Started in Web 3?

In this episode, we talk about the social tokens of the week and speak to crypto artist Christa Schadt about our experience in web 3. Christa Schadt, otherwise known as Gemini Rising, is a digital, video, and crypto artist. She is also the founder of LP DAO, a DAO with the mission to bring live performers into the Metaverse. Check out below the highlights from the interview!

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Social Tokens of the Week

This week, we felt it would make sense to continue discussing the different types of social tokens in sports. This week, we put together a list of five social tokens in sports that we believe are worth examining. When we feature these social tokens, we look at several things. These social tokens can be trending, creative, hidden gems, or innovative. T.O.W. should not be taken as financial advice but as informative and educational content.

What Is the Future for Sports & Crypto?

CEO of PurpleTrader, Andre Costa, talks about the future of sports and crypto. In this video, he breaks down why every sports teams should have a social token.

How Can New Artists Get Started in Web 3?

Gemini Rising breaks down some of the ways new artists can get started in web 3.

How to Get Your Art Funded in Web 3

Gemini Rising talks about why every artist should learn about the organization NEAR and how it can help jumpstart their web 3 careers.

What Is LP DAO & Why Should Artists Embrace the Metaverse?

Gemini Rising goes into detail about the origins of LP DAO, and why artists should get more involved in the Metaverse, instead of running away from it.

Closing Remarks

**These videos should not be taken as financial advice but as informative and educational content. Please do your own research.**

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