Frequently Asked Questions

        General Crypto & Social token Education

What are Community and Social Tokens in simple terms? 
Why Should I Verify my Account to trade on PurpleTrader?
What are DAOs?

Getting started & How to's

How can I start using PurpleTrader?
How can I be allowed to trade on the platform? 
What assets are available on the platform?
Why is my region not supported for trading?
How does your Standardized Metric System for Community Tokens work? 
What do you charge for using the platform?
What are the Deposit & withdrawal fees?
How can I withdraw my tokens from PurpleTrader?
How do I fund my account? 
Can I buy tokens using a Credit/Debit Card?
How many accounts can I have on the platform?
Can I transfer my tokens from PurpleTrader to another platform? 
How do I list my Creator, Social Token Or DAO Coin on PurpleTrader?
How do I recommend Creator Coins or DAO Coins to be listed/Featured on PurpleTrader?
How do I know my withdrawal limit?
Who can I contact if I have questions about an issue?

About PurpleTrader & Policies

What is PurpleTrader?
Why PurpleTrader?
Why the name "PurpleTrader"? 
Who is behind PurpleTrader?
PurpleTrader's Legal Statement
What are PurpleTrader’s AML/KYC Policies?